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Joshua Winter
United States
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Joshua: a gentleman thief, steampunk and steampunk fan, writer, philosopher, composer, comic nerd, dungeon dice monsters fan, doctor who fan, physicist (mostly quantum mechanics and String Theory), werewolf fan, pig fan, werepig fan, Godhi (aka an Asatru minister), royalty and all around very brilliant person. :iconpiggyplz: :iconwerewolfplz:
Languages: English, Skrull (read and write in Irdu and Frti dialects). I also know a little French and Spanish. I am planning to learn Esperanto, Cthuvian, ASL and german. Maybe I'll add ancient norse and medieval latain to the list...not sure yet.

Vinland/Vinnland Flag:
Vinland Stamp by JanderVK
(RIP Peter Steele)

(^'@'^)~ piggy kirby! made that myself btw

(May or may not be a skrull in disguise :iconskrull:)

Current Residence: Planet Earth, you? lol j/k, I live in Washington State USA
Favourite genre of music: Steampunk and oldies (mostly 50s-80s)
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
I deal Pokemon Team: :icondeoxys: :iconemboarplz: :iconshinygyaradosplz: :iconumbreonplz: :iconscizorplz:
Fave Digimon: :iconblackwargreymonplz: and :iconoinkmonplz:
Personal Quote: "Life can be fun or fickle, but the thing to remember it is still life none the less"
Quote(s) used often: "SCIENCE!!!" - Doctor Insano, "Allons-y!" - The Doctor
Religion: Asatru :iconnorseplz:
Hogwarts House: :iconslytherinplz:

:iconherculesplz: + :iconmegaraplz:

❒ Single
❒ Taken
✔ Mentally Dating a Fictional Character

please add me, my friend code is 1392-5400-4002.
My safari type is fairy: kirlia, swirlix, and floette I think is what is in it.

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